Xerophthalmia- Absence Of Moisture Of The Eye

The word Xerophthalmia indicates absence of moisture of the eye in which eye is not succeed to create tears. It is observed among peoples with impervious illness. The main reason for such disease is the shortage in vitamin A which causes continuing illness. It is related with wound from earlier Hurt, Aging, Autoimmune Illnesses or Poor Lid closure for example rheumatoid arthritis. Children at the age group of 3 to 6 years may avoid this disease which leads to blindness.

In this world, roughly 8 to10 million children suffer from this disease. Adults with acute starvation or from any other physical trouble like want for Vitamin or Food Habits may also suffer from this disease. Without proper treatment it may ultimately go ahead to corneal ulceration and blindness.
Causes Of Xerophthalmia:-

The general reason for suffering in Xerophthalmia is rheumatoid arthritis and vitamin A or lupus. It may also happen by traditional medicine as for example Antihistamines, Nasal Decongestants, Drugs and Tranquilizers traitement viagra. Some chemical flames may also be the reason for such disease. Thickness and aridity begins owing to chronic diarrhoea, local ailment, pain, viruses and from earlier wound of cornea.

Symptoms Of Xerophthalmia:

The initial signs of Xerophthalmia contain hot discomfort, mild pain, corneal xerosis, Bitot’s spot and a craving to blink constantly. However the general indications of xerophthalmia are:

Night Blindness: The night blindness is the primary indications of vitamin A insufficiency. In such cases the patient can’t find anything during night, in the evening or in dark light.

Bitot’s Spots: Bitot’s spots are frothy triangular marks that are yellow in colour or shining which is noticed either the reason of cornea.

Corneal Xerosis: It is a severe type of vitamin A deficit. In this symptoms cornea becomes dense, parched, non wettable and tedious.

Conjunctival Xerosis: It denotes aridity of the conjunctiva eye which becomes waterless and non wettable.