Tonsils Removal Surgery

Tonsils are the first line of protection against germs in your body. They are located in the throat just behind the tongue and protect your body from the germs entering the body through the air entering the body. Sometimes, due to bacterial action, these tonsils get swelled and are inflated which causes major problems and complications to you. If the condition prevails over a long period or becomes too severe then the doctor will recommend Tonsillitis or tonsils removal surgery.

One must not fear this at all because it contains the word surgery. Many people get fear stricken after listening about this ‘surgery’. Such people must know one thing. Tonsils removal surgery is the safest of all the surgeries performed on the human body. It is a very small surgery that last for only 20 minutes and is completely harmless. There are no complications attached to this surgery and it gets over as soon as it starts.
Tonsil Removal surgery
As the name tells, tonsils removal surgery is an operation in which your tonsil glands are permanently removed. However, one must not think that this surgery reduces the immunity of the body achat viagra homme. Tonsil inflammation can cause severe pain in the throat and it makes it very difficult to swallow food, even water in major cases. Before the surgery, you are required to go through a blood test or a urine test to make sure that your body is in the condition to go through a minor surgery.

The night before the tonsils removal surgery, you will be asked not to take in any kind of food or fluids after the dinner. This is done to make sure your stomach is not filled with extra food, which you might vomit out during the surgery. A dose of anaesthesia is given to the patient right before the surgery takes place, which makes the patient sleep through the whole tonsils removal surgery making the surgery painless. Post-surgical period can make you feel dizzy, as the effects of anaesthesia remain prevalent for some time. Your throat will also hurt initially right after the surgery because of the removal of tonsils. You will be advised to consume a lot of fluids after the surgery which you should do as it will benefit you and your throat. It will hurt your throat to swallow those fluids initially but it will help you keep your throat well lubricated and will not cause pain when you take in any other food.

Most of the time, the patient is discharged on the same day of the tonsils removal surgery but, it might be that you are not discharged the same day. This means that you will have to spend the night in the hospital. This is done by the doctor to keep an eye on you. During the surgery, you might have bled more than normal limits or the bleeding might not stop completely after the operation. This is a minor issue seen in 1 out of 100 cases and is addressed by the hospital overnight.