Possible Curse Of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer or skin neoplasm, in medical terms, is a medical condition is which several kinds and degrees of malignancy develops in skin. The three most common forms of malevolent skin cancers are squamous skin cancer, basal skin cancer and melanoma. The names of the skin cancers rises from the name of the skin layer in which it develops. Skin cancer usually develops is the outer most layer of skin, the epidermis, showing tumor. That is why there is possibility of diagnosis skin cancer at an early stage.

Melanoma is the most common form of skin cancer although it is the most serious form of skin cancer.

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Symptoms of Skin Cancer:

As there are various kinds of skin cancer the symptoms also differ. The most general symptoms of skin cancer are discolored skin, ulcers on skin, non-healable changes on skin, enlargement of moles etc.

Squamous skin cancer appears with scaling, red and thickened patched on the portions of skin, unexposed to sun. Ulceration and bleedings occur sometimes. Squamous skin cancer is the second most dangerous skin cancer.

Basal skin cancer usually shows pearly, smooth bump on skin, exposed to sun. Small blood vessels appear sometimes.

Melanoma mostly presents as brown or black looking lesions. Some melanomas appear in pink or red colors. These are most aggressive forms of melanomas. The signs of melanoma involve changes in the shape, size and color of existing moles on skin, appearance of new moles, ulceration or itching etc.

Treatments for Skin Cancer:

There are numbers of treatment methods from skin cancer. Some of them are – Radiation therapy, Cryosurgery, Mohs micrographic surgery, medical therapy using creams like Efudex, Flouroplex etc.

Skin cancer is the most curable kind of cancer. In most of the cases skin cancer is curable but most of the people have the risk of developing a new skin cancer after curing one. Therefore, one needs to take precautions even after the cure of skin cancer.