Hair Loss – Most Common Problem Among Women

Hair loss is a very common and serious problem these days. It can range from mild hair loss to complete baldness. To fight hair loss it is very important to understand the causes first because according to the causes the type of hair fall also changes. Let us have a look at it:

  • The most common form of hair fall starts within two or three months after any serious body stress, like any serious surgery or infection or long term illness. Sometimes sudden major changes come in hormone levels of body and that in turn causes hair loss. Sometimes women start to loss hair after childbirth but that type of hair loss does not lead to baldness.
  • A particular type of hair loss can be started as a reaction of certain types of drugs.
  • Hair fall is one of the primary symptoms of some common illnesses like thyroid, lack of nutrition, improper excretion of sex hormones, deficiency of zinc, iron or protein.
  • Another significant cause of hair fall is fungus infection on scalp.
  • Sometimes baldness is hereditary. This type of hair fall follows some particular patterns. It can be started at any age.

Symptoms of hair loss: If you loss 50 to 100 scalp hairs per day then it is normal. But more than that is really a matter of anxiety. Other symptoms of hair loss are sudden thinning of hair volume and appearance of bald patches. Prevention for hair loss: As hair fall is caused by various reasons its prevention methods are also of various kinds. In some cases lessening stress, eating nutritious food, drinking lots of water and avoiding those drugs that cause hair loss. The solutions to the hair loss that is caused by fungal infection are cleaning hair regularly and keeping personal combs, hair brushes, towels, hats. It is sometimes possible to fight hereditary hair loss problem by medication.