Diabetes – Very Dangerous Disease

Diabetes is a situation when the pancreas in a man’s body not succeeds to create insulin. It may be stated that insulin is the hormone which changes the sugar in the eatables into power. Diabetes is the ultimate effect of additional glucose concentration in the bloodstream due to inadequate discharge of insulin by pancreas. In order to keep the body fit, it is necessary that the blood glucose is to be consumed to offer fuel and energy to the body. In case the degree of glucose is at high-level, ultimately it involves different section of the body.

Symptoms of Diabetes:-

Among the various symptoms, the very familiar signs of diabetes contain unexpected weight gaining or losing, extreme appetite and thirst, Nausea or occasionally vomiting, increased level of urination, Blurry vision, Weakness, Yeast infection in both men and women, rapid vaginal infections in women, Aridity of mouth, Burning of skin that too in vaginal and groin area, Slow curing of sores and cuts.


Causes of Diabetes:-

  • Age: Growing age is a cause which carries more risk in comparison to younger age. Although 80% of the disease crops up after 50 years, diabetes may happen at any age, frequencies raise with the age factor.
  • Poor Diet (Malnutrition Related Diabetes): Low protein and fiber eating, offensive nutrition, high ingestion of sophisticated produces are the probable cause for growing diabetes.

  • Hereditary or Inherited Traits: It is convincingly assumed that a person can take over diabetes owing to some genes which surpasses from one generation to another. It depends upon nearness of blood connection as mother is diabetic, the possibility is 2 to 3%, in case father is diabetic, the chance is in excess of the earlier case and where both the father and mother are diabetic, the child bears the probability for diabetes to a large extent.